Galapagos is Ecuador


Galapagos: M/Y Coral I & II 

With a capacity for 36 and 20 guests respectively, these gorgeous comfortable twin yachts, offer charming areas distributed on the three decks.

​M/Y Coral I & II

Galapagos: M/Y Aida Maria
The sixteen passenger Aida Maria offers a great combination of comfort, style and economy for tours in the Galapagos.

​M/Y Aida Maria

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Galapagos: S/C Nemo III 

8 days first class cruise (Sunday to Sunday) with daily excursions to different islands in 2 itineraries.

But, what I appreciated the most was the company's willingness to plan a trip around my family's interests and desires. It meant that I got the trip of a lifetime that I had always wanted.

Della - Ottawa, Canada

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The trip was amazing. The guides were excellent - knowledgeable and approachable. The experiences were just what I had hoped for and all the arrangements were planned and executed without a hitch.


Ekaterina was very helpful when the airline lost my baggage.

Cherryl - Barrie, Canada

​S/C Nemo III

Ekaterina and Eddie--1st class!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour in Quito. They are extremely knowledgeable but not dry and we weren't rushed, the food was delicious.