Galapagos is Ecuador

S/C Nemo III

Nemo III motor sail catamaran offers 3-night, 4-night and 7-night first class cruises in Galapagos Islands with daily excursions to different islands in two itineraries (North and South) switching between them every week.

The M/C Anahi is a Power Catamaran Yacht, built in Guayaquil, Ecuador, launched by the end of 2006 with high comfort standards. With unparalleled stability, your cruise is guaranteed to be a restful and relaxed one.

M/Y Coral I & II

M/Y Aida Maria

Galapagos Cruises: First Class

​For those who prefer a more comfortable environment, Eden's elegant interior refined details is sure to please. Her 8 double cabins, all with private bathrooms and hot water, are complemented by a library, T.V. with DVD video, restaurant/bar and sundeck.

Galapagos Cruises: Tourist Class

​Nemo II offers 8-day cruise (Sunday to Sunday) in the Galapagos Islands with daily activities on two different routes (North and South), switching every week. 

Eden Yacht

Galapagos Cruises: Economy Class

With a capacity for 36 and 20 guests respectively, these gorgeous comfortable twin yachts, offer charming          areas distributed on the three decks, in both open and interior spaces.

This magnificent vessel, with a capacity for 100 guests, has the charm of the enchanted Islands; it is still small    enough for a more intimate experience with friends and family.

M/V Galapagos Legend

S/C Nemo II

Galapagos Expedition Ship

M/C Anahi

The sixteen passenger Aida Maria offers a great combination of comfort, style and economy for tours in the Galapagos. Each of the eight double cabins has a private bathroom with hot showers , air conditioning , an ample external deck to enjoy sunny Galapagos days.